CNC Glass Cutting Production Line

Item No.: SFCNC-4228
1.This machine is used for cutting float glass , with CNC system

2.It includes auto loading, cutting and breaking table
  • Model: SFCNC-4228
  • Description
    1. The software adopted the most advanced Italian cutting and optimizing software, to guarantee the safety, stability, speed, accuracy and optimizing rate of the machine, easier to operate, widely used for architectural glass, furniture glass, electric glass, kitchen glass, auto glass, hollow glass, solar glass and so on.
    2. It can cut 300 different shapes. And also can cut different shapes according your design through the control computer. It can choose the best way to cut the shape automatically. In this way can guarantee the cutting efficiency.
    3. Glass location adopts optoelectronic scanning. Can repair some error all by itself. It can scan the glass shape then change the CAD design.
    4. Optimization software: For cutting size can be sorted in any combination, and output optimal cutting plan, improve the cutting rate. After optimization in software and has two artificial modification function. Effectively improve the cutting efficiency
    5. Optimization software directly compatible with cutting software.
    6. With knife limit protection function.
    7. With automatic correction function. Ensure the cutting accuracy.
    8. Automatic cutting paths selection, Ensure the optimum cutting speed

    Model SFCNC-4228
    Voltage 380V/50HZ
    Glass Thickness 2-19mm
    Cutting Size 4200x2800mm
    Power 19KW
    Air Pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa
    Loading Speed 30s-70s/film
    Cutting Speed 0-200m/min
    Dimension 14000x3700x900mm

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